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Prism and Joy

Ice Queen Ring

Ice Queen Ring

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Rhodium plated blue cubic zirconia ring.

925 Sterling silver base.

High quality cubic zirconia looks like real diamonds and gemstones!

What is rhodium and why is it plated on here?

Rhodium plating or platinum plating is a process that involves coating a metal object with a thin layer of rhodium, which is a rare and super reflective metal. This can give jewelry, watches, and other metal items a bright and shiny finish. It's often used on white gold jewelry to enhance its color and luster, as over time, white gold can start to look dull or yellowish. Rhodium plating can also be used on sterling silver jewelry to make it more durable and prevent tarnishing.

Because rhodium is a rare and expensive metal, rhodium plating is typically reserved for high-end and luxury items. The plating is usually very thin, so it may wear off with regular use over time, but don't worry! A professional jeweller can easily reapply the plating to restore the piece's original shine and luster. Overall, rhodium plating is a great way to give metal jewelry and other items a beautiful and long-lasting finish!



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