Which jewellery brand is the best in Toronto?

Which jewellery brand is the best in Toronto?

When finding meaningful pieces to add to your jewellery collection, often times we look for specific qualities such as materials used, where was it made, where were the materials sourced, are these ethically sourced diamonds etc. It then prompts the question; which jewellery brand is the best in Canada. One that carries high expectations.


At Prism and Joy we believe high quality jewellery must be ethically sourced, and produce the look of something rare and unique. We are an online exclusive boutique based out of Toronto, Canada. Most of our jewellery is sourced from recycled materials. This means we have reduced the impact on the earth by opting out of mining more of our Earth’s precious resources.


Oh and did we mention how cute our pieces are???


So we don’t think we’re the best brand in Toronto. But we are striving to achieve this goal! For now, we would rather be the best jewelry store to cater your needs.


But as promised, here’s a list of awesome jewellery brands that cater to customers in Toronto and worldwide.


  1. Mejuri
  2. Pandora
  3. Tiffany’s
  4. Michael Hill
  5. Peoples
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